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Lynne has been the most supportive teacher and mentor I could ever hope for”

Lynne emits absolute focus and passion to ensure that she always respects the power of music and the abilities of her students”

Lynne is a whirlwind. Zany, bubbly, full of life and with a passion for music you rarely seem to see”

Within minutes Lynne put me at ease”

An increase in overall confidence and self-belief. I thank Lynne so much for this”

The right balance of structure and room for spontaneity”

It has been a great learning experience and great fun”

I had a ball! Thanks for being honest, entertaining and fun”

She boosted my confidence in performing in front of others and more importantly confidence in myself”

She’s completely passionate and devoted to her student’s progress”

I have never had any more joy learning. Lynne has made music my air and water!”

Piano Keyboard

I am an older student and was initially very nervous about learning piano however within minutes Lynne put me at ease. She has a way of teaching that makes it fun, memorable and I have a whole new appreciation of music. I love her passion for music which is extremely catchy. Lynne is incredibly talented and knowledgeable. I would recommend Lynne as an incredible teacher!”

Cecelia, Piano Student, February 2018

I’ve been taking music lessons iwth Lynne for over two months now. Last week, I brought her to tears when I unawarely counted the time 1, 2, 3, 4 … in right pitch of the notes. She literally cried, she said because she was overwhelmed, she was so happy! That’s a typical Lynne that I’ve come to learn. She’s completely passionate and devoted to her student’s progress. She praises every improvement that the student makes, create little challenges for them and patiently helps them to knock down the hurdles, one by one. My life as an engineer has been a busy one and I’ve never had any music lessons until I found Lynne on Gumtree. And I have never had any more joy learning. Lynne has made music my air and water! Though never had any formal training, I had taught myself to play guitar and occasionally played at home. For a while, I had stopped playing because I didn’t find anything new and interesting in playing. Since having lessons with Lynne, I play every day. I sing songs while playing and my family absolutely love it. Thank you Lynne, for showing me the magic of sounds.”

Hugh, Singing, Piano and Guitar Student, August 2017
Bass Clef

My name is Rick. I am mature aged and came into music very late in life. I am writing this as a reference in progress. I have been studying singing with Lynne for three months now. I had one previous attempt at learning to sing with another teacher, that did not end well. I was basically told not to quit my day job. It is with that mindset that I initially and reluctantly contacted Lynne. Doubtful as I was about whether I should even try to sing again, I was determined to give it one more try. I was quite confused initially as Lynne has developed her own unique approach to singing and devised her own practice regime based upon a lifetime of singing and being involved in the music scene and song writing. The practice regime consists of short daily exercises which initially did not seem anywhere near enough, based on the previous experiences I have had and other singers have told me that they do. With this scepticism in hand I dutifully carried out these exercises and had a lesson with Lynne once a week, where we went over previous weeks work and discussed and practiced new techniques. Still doubtful, the weeks rolled on and after about six weeks or so, it became clear that the exercises were indeed paying off. My ability to pitch notes correctly vastly improved as did my confidence. I am excited that as time passes and I continue working with Lynne I will see big gains and maybe prove my previous teacher wrong after all. I should warn you to be prepared. Lynne is a whirlwind. Zany, bubbly, full of life and with a passion for music you rarely seem to see. Suspend all thoughts of what you think a good teacher should be and stick with Lynne. I suspect that if you do, you might end up being surprised at what you truly can be capable of.”

Rick, Guitarist and Singing Student, June 2017

It always feels a big strange to hand over money to Lynne at the end of a lesson. A big awkward, even, like paying a friend to get coffee with you. That’s because Lynne cares so genuinely about her students, their music, and music itself, that you forget she’s working, convinced she’s there solely because she really cares. And I think, partly, she is. For the five years since I became her student, Lynne has been the most supportive teacher and mentor I could ever hope for, constantly going above and beyond to devote time, effort, and genuine care for her students. From the outset, Lynne constantly reminded me of her philosophy of categorical honesty, making her eventaual praises of my skills and creations a compliment above all others. Following the slightly awkward exchange of money, my lessons with Lynne often end with a hug, a gesture of authentic affection from me that feels far more appropriate following a fast hour in which Lynne emits absolute focus and passion to ensure that she always respects the power of music and the abilities of her students.”

Zoe, Singing Student, Songwriter, February 2016
Lynne Newman Logo

Prior to my first lesson with Lynne I had never had any musical background and would never have dreamt of singing in public. Lynne’s experienced and practical approach to performance, along with training exercises and honest critiquing, has now enabled me to audition and perform with a rock band. More importantly, I have discovered a real enjoyment in singing and am looking forward to continuing my training.” 

Brennan – Singing Student, 2008

I began my piano lessons with Lynne when I was 13 years old, and studied with her for about 8 years. I am now 24 years old and Lynne has become my mentor and friend. Lynne is a great teacher. She is open, honest and generous in sharing her musical knowledge. She inspired me further my musical studies and pursuit a career in music. I now have a Bachelor of Music majoring in performance for piano, I teach privately, compose and perform. Lynne has taught me so much about music, piano, singing, performance and technique. She has also taught me a lot about life and living life through music.”

Donna Ng, Piano Student, 18 August 2006

Lynne is both an inspiring musician, and an inspiring teacher. She catered her lessons towards my goals with music, I got so much from each lesson. As well as her original vocal training techniques, she was able to give great advice on both gigging and being a songwriter in the music industry.”

Catherine Golden, Bassist, Singing Student, Award Winning Songwriter, 25 August 2006

Lynne was a fantastic teacher, with her passion for Music coming through in her teaching style. Her energy, enthusiasm and magnetic personality enabled me to push myself further every week, improving my skills and confidence. Thanks for a fantastic experience Lynne.” 

Dean Colton, Singing Student, June 2006

Perfect. No need to write more! Funny, stimulating, challenging, true results on the voice (proportional to the amount of “homeworks” done), Thanks!”

Edoardo Francia, Singing Student, June 2006

Lynne Newman is a brilliant teacher.  Her attitude towards the imparting of musical knowledge and technique is akin to an expert mountaineer who is about to tackle Mt Everest.   She is a woman to be reckoned with and embarks on teaching with the same two ingredients that she requires from her students; raw courage and concentration. After undergoing five years of university, I finally plucked up the nerve to do something about that nagging voice in the back of my head, telling me to do something about my interest in singing.   Out of self-inflicted exasperation, I signed up for Singing For Everyone, figuring that if it was for ‘everyone’, no musical background was required.   And then a new nagging voice entered my head. Stand up straight, don’t move your head, lock it in and work those jaws people! I walked into the first rehearsal and broke into a panicky sweat.   I had plunged myself into a boiling cauldron of pitching and singing exercises.   Nosedived into the bubbling lava at tremendous speed, with protests of “I can’t read music! I can’t even ‘hear’ music “!   But you see, ‘can’t’ is not a word that is in Lynne Newman’s vocabulary.   It was expressly forbidden, in fact. “I am currently having difficulty” was the phrase we used instead.   Nine weeks with Lynne Newman will teach you that ‘can’t’ shouldn’t be in anyone’s vocabulary and that ‘everyone who can talk can sing’. The process was always the same.   Brilliant and yet at the same time, deceptively simple.   Exercises!   Exercises!   Exercises!     Tongue shape!   Tongue shape!   Tongue shape!  I can hear her now.   She said that this would happen.   Lynne gives us her ‘pearls’ like a woman who has too many to know what to do with.   Taken from her own experiences as a singer and song-writer with her band, Watercolour, her generosity does not go unnoticed.   Anxious to infuse a passion for music and her self-created technique, her students have a choice to either absorb like sponges or to fumble their own way through a maze of complexity with no guide.   One has to undergo the singing course to understand what it does to your confidence and to the way you view yourself at the end. I walked in thinking I was tone-deaf.   I walked out thinking about pitch and time.   I can sing you a scale.   I can sing you a song.   And you know what else?   I can now read music.   Thank you Lynne.   You have changed my world.” 

Monali Pandey, Singing Student, June 2003

It was a great course. We had sooo much fun and Lynne is a wonderful teacher. I really liked the history of Jazz part and it was really useful hearing all Lynne’s past experiences and valuable advice – priceless! I wish it could go on for longer but I’ll be back for another course. Thanks Lynne!” 

Cat Vizor, Singing Student, September 2006
Music Notes

Lynne gave me the foundation and practical knowledge to start singing confidently, as well as a strong base if I wanted to go further. Lynne’s passion is inspiring, her enthusiasm contagious, her professionalism second to none and her style, too cool for school! I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity to work with Lynne. She is artist, teacher, guru and friend. Thank you Lynne, I learned so much, (I can scat too!), had so much fun, made so many friends and feel alive! Thank you, thank you and thank you! Love you Lady Cool.”

Kathy Luu, Singing Student, September 2006

Lynne is the most amazing teacher ever. I will have private lessons.”

Melissa OBrien, Jazz Singing Student, September 2006

I loved the class! After a few weeks to warm up and get comfortable with each other we all had a lot of fun and laughs together. Lynne created a supportive environment in which to take that scary leap of opening your mouth and singing in front of other people. Her encouragement and honest feedback did great things for my confidence and creativity. Thanks for a fun and rewarding class. Concert was a great way to finish and gave everyone a goal to work towards.”

Kate Brettell, Jazz Singing Student, September 2006
Musical Notation